Adobe Photoshop CS3

தரம் வாய்ந்த டிவிடிக்களை உருவாக்குவதுடன், பின்னணி நிறங்களை மாற்றுதல், பரப்பமைவு (texture) போன்ற சிறப்பு விளைவுகளைத் தொலைக்காட்சி, திரைப்படத்துறை, உலகளாவிய வலையமைப்பு முதலியவற்றை எளிதாக கற்க உதவுகிறோம்.

Work Area
How to save Workspace?
New, Open and Save Option

Move Tool
Marquee Tool
Crop, Slice and Slice Select Tool
Patch Tool
Quick and Magic Wand Tool
Eraser Tool
Brush and Pencil Tool
Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tool
Pen Tool
Spot Healing and Healing Brush Tool
Lasso, Polygon and Magnetic Tool
Type Tool
Patch Tool
Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Ellipse Tool
Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tool
Blur, Sharpen and Smudge Tool
Path and Direct Selection Tool
Clone and Pattern Stamp Tool
Redeye and Color Replacement Tool
Zoom Tool
Ruler and Count Tool
Hand Tool
Eye Dropper and Color Sampler Tool
Notes and Audio Automation Tool
Polygonal, Line and Custom Shape Tool

Cut, Copy and Paste
Free Transform and Transform
Brush Preset
Menus and its Keyboard Shortcuts
Preferences I, II and II
Select All, Deselct, Reselect and Inverse
Modify Selection
Grow, Similar and Transform Selection Load and Save Selection
Refine Edge

What is a Layer and Layer Mask?
What are Smart Objects and how to work with Smart Objects?
What is Type and Rasterize
How to Merger, Visible Layers and Flatten a Image
Spell Check and Replace

Image Modes
Image Adjustments
How to apply a Duplicate Image
Image Size Calculations
Image and Canvas Size
How to rotate Canvas, Crop and Trim?
Pixel Ratios


What is an Action Palette?
What is Animation and Measurement Palette?
Channels Palette
Brushes Palette
Clone Source
Styles Palette
Character and Paragraph Palette
History Palette
Info Palette
Layers Palette
Layer Styles
Layer Comps Palette
Color and Swatches Palette

Filter Options Overview
Artistic and Blur Filter
Brush Strokes and Distort Filter
Pattern Maker and Vanishing Point
Sketch and Stylize Filter
Noise and Pixelate Filter
Texture and Video Filter
Render and Sharpen Filter
Digimarc Filter

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