MS Excel-ன் பிரதான வசதிகளான வெளிப்படையான இலகுவான இடைமுகம் வினைத்திறனாக கணித்தல்களை மேற்கொள்ளல், வரைபடங்களை உருவாக்குதல் உள்ளிட்டவற்றை கற்றுக்கொடுக்கிறோம்.

Getting Started with MS Excel 2010
How to use MS Excel Interface
How to Customize Quick Access Toolbar
Working the Smart Tags and View
Excel Configuration Options

Worksheet Basics
Types of Data
How to enter Text or Number in a Cell?
How to Edit a Data in a Cell?
How to Delete a Data in a Cell?

How to select a Range?
How to fill same data in a Selected Range?
How to Fill Series of Values in a Selected Range?
How to Move or Copy a Range?
How to Insert Row and Column?
How to Insert a Cell or Range?
How to Delete Data from a Range
Hide and Unhide
Freeze Rows or Columns
Merge Cells
Transpose Rows and Columns
Range Names and Navigating workbook using Range Name

Font Size and Font Change
Font Color and Effects
Text Format
How to add Background Color to a Range?
How to Insert Row and Column?
Number Format
Autoformat Option
How to apply style to a Range?
Resize Row and Column
Wrap Text and Borders

How to Build Formulas?
Excel Functions
How to Add Function to a Formula?
How to Add Row or Column of Numbers?
Autosum Formula
Move and Copy a Formula

How to create a New Worksheet?
Copy and Rename a Worksheet
Delete a Worksheet
Move a Worksheet
How to change Gridline Color

How to create a New Workbooks?
How to create Workbook from a Template
Working with Workbooks and arranging workbook windows
Find and Replace
Modify Workbook Colors and Set Workbook Fonts
Effects and Themes

Data Validation
Convert a Range to a Table
Create Data Table
Summaries Data

Chart Types
Create and Add a Chart
Add Data Labels
Create Data Table
Change Chart Layout, Color and Style

How to Protect a Workbook?
How to Share a Workbook with other Users?
How to track changes in the Workbook?
Accept or Reject Changes in the Workbook
Work on a Workbook shared Online

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