MS Word 2010

MS Word-ன் மூலம் ஒரு உரையாவணத்தை எவ்வாறு உருவாக்குவது மற்றும் விசைப்பலகையின் குறுக்குவழிகளையும் கற்றுக்கொடுக்கிறோம்.

Getting started with Word 2010
Explore the New Word Interface
Quick Access Toolbar Customization
Working with Word Options

How to create a new document?
How to Save, Open and Close a Document?
How to exit a Word?
How to reopen an unsaved Document?

How to Insert and Delete Text
Move and Copy Text
Using Undo and Redo Options
Using Find and Replace Options
How to Insert Symbols
Auto-spell check option
How to enable and disable Spelling and Grammar Checker
What is Thesaurus and how to use the same?

How to change the Font and Font Size?
How to change Text Case
How to Apply Text Color
How to Highlight the Text
Text Alignment and Line Spacing
Using Format Painter
Working with Themes and Styles
How to create Customized Styles

Margins and Page Breaks
How to Insert Section Break and Page Number
How to Align Text ?
How to change Page Orientation?
How to Create a Table in a Document?
How to Change the Row Height and Column Width?
Move and Resize a Table

How to create a Chart
Working with Chart Tools
How to apply Chart Style
Working with Smart Art
How to create Diagrams using SmartArt
Add or Delete Shapes

Clip Art and Word Art
Adding Pictures, Screenshots and Clippings
Adding Shapes and Textboxes
How to Crop a Picture
How to add 3d effects to a Graphic
How to apply color and style to a Graphic

How to create and update Table of Content?
How to add and edit Footnotes and Endnote?
How to Add a Page Border
What is Indexing
How to create an Index and what is Marking Index Entries
How to create Reference and Sources
How to create Bibliography?

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