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இப்பயிற்சியின் கீழ் கணினி வரைகலையில் வெக்டார் வகைப் படங்களை உருவாக்கு உதவுகிறோம்.

History/Origin of CorelDRAW
What is CorelDRAW X3?
Why CorelDRAW X3
Raster vs. Vector

Installation Process
Opening Application for first time

Creating, Opening & Closing a File I
Creating, Opening & Closing a File II
Page Setup
File Import & Export I
File Import & Export II
Cut, Copy, Paste & Paste Special I
Cut, Copy, Paste & Paste Special II
Save, Save As & Revert

Pick Tool
Shape Tool
Smudge Tool
Roughen Tool
Free Transform Tool
Crop Tool
Knife Tool
Eraser Tool
Virtual Segment Tool
Zoom & Hand Tool I
Zoom & Hand Tool II
Free Hand Tool
Bezier Tool
Artistic Media Tool
Pen Tool
Polyline Tool
Three Point Curve Tool
Connector & Dimension Tool I
Connector & Dimension Tool II
Smart Fill & Smart Drawing Tool I
Smart Fill & Smart Drawing Tool II
Rectangle Tool & Three Point Rectangle Tool I
Rectangle Tool & Three Point Rectangle Tool II
Ellipse Tool & 3 Point Ellipse Tool

Graph & Polygon I
Graph & Polygon II
Star & Complex Star Tool I
Star & Complex Star Tool II
Spiral Tool
Basic, Arrow, Flowchart, Banner & Callout Shapes
Interactive Blend Tool
Interactive Contour Tool
Interactive Distortion Tool I
Interactive Distortion Tool II
Interactive Drop Shadow Tool
Interactive Envelope Tool I
Interactive Envelope Tool II
Interactive Extrude Tool
Interactive Transparency Tool

< Working with Artistic Text
Fit Text to Path
Character Formatting Docker
Writing Tool I
Writing Tool II
Writing Tool III
Working with Paragraph Using Paragraph Tool I
Working with Paragraph Using Paragraph Tool II
Linking Paragraph Text frames
Working with Columns
Additional Paragraph Features I
Additional Paragraph Features II
Additional Paragraph Features III

Eyedropper Tool & Paint Bucket Tool
Outline Tool I
Outline Tool II
Fill Tool I
Fill Tool II
Fill Tool III
Interactive Fill & Mesh Tool
Color Palette I
Color Palette II
Color Palette III

Introduction to Layers
Working with Layers
Layers Properties I
Layers Properties II
Layers Properties III
Working with Master Layer

Aligning & Distribute Objects
Visual Guides I
Visual Guides II
Visual Guides III
Grouping & Ungrouping I
Grouping & Ungrouping II
Shaping I
Shaping II
Filleting, Scalloping and Chamfering Corners
Viewing Modes
Locking & Unlocking

Basic Options in Printing
Advanced Options in Printing
Print Preview Dialog Box
Tools in Print Preview Dialog Box I
Tools in Print Preview Dialog Box II
Publishing Techniques

Basic Effects I
Basic Effects II
Advanced Effects I
Advanced Effects II
Web Effects
Conversions & Adjustments I
Conversions & Adjustments II

New Welcome Screen I
New Welcome Screen II
Integration of CorelDRAW X4 with Windows Vista
Main Interface Enhancements
New Table Tool I
New Table Tool II
Text Enhancements
Object Manager
Integration with “What the Font”
Publish Page to “Concept Share”

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