இப்பயிற்சியின் மூலம் points, lines, curves, மற்றும் shapes ஆகியவற்றை பயன்படுத்தி எளிதாக ஒரு படத்தை வரைய உதவுகிறோம்.

History (What is Illustrator CS3)
Why Illustrator CS3
Course Objective
Hardware Requiremen

Opening Adobe Illustrator CS3
Vector Vs. Raster
Graphic User Interface (workspace)
Working on Tool Panel
Customizing Dock and Panels
Control Panel

Selection Tool
Direct Selection Tool Group Selection Tool
Magic Wand Tool Lasso Tool
Pen Tool its Types I
Pen Tool its Types II
Type Tools its Types I
Type Tools its Types II
Type on a Path Tool
Line, Arc Spiral Tool I
Line, Arc Spiral Tool II
Basic Shape Tools I
Basic Shape Tools II
Flare Tool I
Flare Tool II
Paintbrush Tool
Pencil, Smooth Path Erase Tools
Rotate Tool Reflect Tool
Scale Tool Shear Tool
Reshape Tool
Liquify Tools I
Liquify Tools II

Free Transform Tool
Symbol Tools I
Symbol Tools II
Symbol Tools III
Graph Tool
Graph Tools with Examples
Mesh Tool
Measure Tool
Blend Tool
Live Paint Bucket Tool
Live Paint Selection Tool
Crop Area Tool I
Crop Area Tool II
Eraser Tool
Scissor Tool Knife Tool
Hand Tool Zoom Tool I
Hand Tool Zoom Tool II
Fill Stroke Icons Apply Icons
Change Screen Mode

Color Picker
Fill Tint Options
Swatches Color
Spot Colors Swatch Libraries
Eyedropper Tool
Gradient Tool
Strokes Options
Transparency Effect Blend Modes

Layers Groups
Hiding Locking Layers and Panel Options
Isolating Groups
Duplicating Moving Layers

Basic Character Controls I
Basic Character Controls II
Basic Paragraph Controls I
Basic Paragraph Controls II
Basic Paragraph Controls III
Creating Outlines
Fit Headlines and Show hidden Characters
Change Case

Editing Bezier Points Bezier Handles
Join Paths
Simplify Paths
Creating Complex Shapes
Pathfinder Option
Creating Editing Outline Strokes
Saving and Editing Selections
Selecting Similar Attributes
Split Into Grids
Off-set path
Path-Clean Up
Gap Detection
Merge Live Paint

Image Placing
Links Panel
Edit Original
Transparency Effect & Blend Modes

Transform Panel & Transform Again
Transform Each
Aligning & Distributing Objects

Character Styles
Paragraph Styles
OpenType Fonts
Check Spelling
Find Font & Text Wrap
Tab Leader

Appearance Panel & its Attributes
Multiple Attributes
Applying Effects to an Attribute
Creating & Editing Graphic Styles

Calligraphic Brush
Scatter Brush
Art Brush
Pattern Brush

Clipping Mask
Opacity Mask

Document Raster Effects Settings
Extrude & Bevel
Revolve & Rotate
Artwork Mapping

Slice Tool & Slice Selection Tool
Pixel Preview
Image Optimization
Animation in Illustrator

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