Java programming

Java பயிற்சியின் மூலம் ஒரு Application-ஐ எப்படி உருவாக்குவது மற்றும் பிழைகள் இல்லாமல் ஒரு Program-ஐ எப்படி நிறுவுவது உள்ளிட்டவற்றை விளக்குகிறோம்

History of Java
What is Java?
Why do we learn Java?
Whats new in Java SE 6?
Migration from C & C++ to Java
Course Objective

< Checklist for Java Installation
Step by step Installation Process
Developing Environment

Object-Oriented Programming concepts
Java is a Platform Independent Language
Explaining the First Java Program
Executing the First Java Program

What are "Data Types"?
What are Variables?
What are Operators?
What is "Type Casting"?
Creating Arrays

If-else & Nested-If statement
Switch statement
For Loop & For-Each Loop
While & Do-while Loop

What are Class and its features?
What are Object and its features?
Creating a Method
Access Specifiers
What is "final" and its uses?
Inner Class

Method with & without return type
Method with single & multiple parameters
Static Method
Method Overloading

< What is Constructor and its Types?
Initializing an Object using Constructor
Constructor Overloading
Role of Garbage Collection in Java

Basics of Inheritance
Method Overriding
Use of 'this' keyword
Use of 'super' keyword
Achieving Multilevel Inheritance

Defining a Package
Java built-in Packages (API)
What are Interfaces?
What is Abstract Class?
Interface Vs Abstract Class

Understanding the Exception Handling
Using try and catch block
Nested try and Multiple catch blocks
Throw, Throws and Finally
Custom Exceptions

What are Thread and its Life cycle?
Extending Thread Class
Implementing Runnable Interface
Creating Multiple Threads
Thread Synchronization
Using isAlive( ) and join( )

String class
Working with String Class Constructor
Working with String Methods
StringBuffer Class
Working with StringBuffer Methods

Basic of Java Applet
Life Cycle of an Applet
Creating the First Java Applet
Executing the First Java Applet
An Applet HTML Tags and its Attributes

Overview of java.lang Package
Class and Object classes
Wrapper Classes

Overview of package
DataInputStream Class
DataOutputStream Class
FileReader Class
FileWriter Class
Channels Class
Useful Tools in the java.util Package
Overview of java.util package
Set Interface
Calendar Class
Date Class
ArrayList Class

Overview of java.awt Package
AWT Controls
Using Label, Text Field and Button classes
Using Check box and Radio button classes
Using Layout Managers

Overview of Event-Handling
ActionListener Interface
KeyEvent Class
MouseEvent Class

Introduction to Swing &JApplet Class
AWT Vs Swing
Using Tables
Working with Menu

Adding Graphics into Applet
Coloring Applet
Font Class

Overview of Package
The InetAddress Class
Socket Class
URL Class

Overview of JDBC
The Connection Interface
Database Access through JDBC
Creating and Executing the Statement
Sample JDBC Program
Concepts of JavaBeans
JAR Files, JAR Commands & Manifest File

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