PHP programming

PHP-யினைக் கொண்டு எவ்வாறு ஒரு வலைதளத்தை உருவாக்குவது என்பதனை செயல்முறை விளக்கத்துடன் விளக்குகிறோம்

History of PHP
What is PHP?
Why we need PHP?
Course Objective
Checklist for Installation
Installing PHP

My First PHP Script
Executing my first PHP Script
Embedding HTML in PHP
Declaring and Assigning Variables
Echo and Print
Data Types
Built-in PHP Functions
Operators and Constants -1
Type Casting

How to create an Array?
What is an Associative Array?
Manipulating Arrays
Working with Multidimensional Arrays

Combining and Splitting Strings
String and Character Indexes
String Length and String Comparison Functions
Find and Replace Strings
Substrings and String Case Functions
Whitespace and Cleaning-up Strings
Parsing and Formatting Output Strings
Other Important String Functions

How to Create and Invoke Functions?
Passing Arguments by Value and Reference
Function with Return
Recursive Function
include() and require()

Creating a Simple HTML Form
Getting Values from the Textbox
Validating Form Input
How to Upload Files?

Working with Sessions
Working with Session Variables
Simple User Login
Reading and Deleting a Cookie

What is OOPs?
Creating a Class and Instantiating Objects
Properties and Methods
Access Specifiers
Inheritance and Method Overriding
Polymorphism, Abstraction and Interface
Constructors and Destructors

Finding and Fixing Parse Error
Types of Errors
Ten Possible PHP Errors
Custom Error Handling
Error Logging
Exception Handling

Getting Current Date using time() Function
Working with getdate() and localtime()
Finding the Difference of Two dates
Validating Date

Introduction to MYSQL
Accessing MYSQL from Command Line
Creating Database and Table in MYSQL
MYSQL Data Types
Basic MYSQL Command
Update and Select
Dropping Table and Databases
Working with phpMyAdmin -2

Connecting MYSQL with PHP
Working with MYSQL Table from PHP
Retrieving Table from MYSQL using PHP
Other Important MYSQL Functions

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