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Meet our Students

  • Kanavy

    Wonderful place to learn Photoshop!! These guys were really
    helpful in teaching me everything in Photoshop

  • Prathip

    Hardware course i learn very easy and it is very
    interesting class thanks jalamma

  • Jaya surya

    The training program made me to get a new confidence
    of taking my carrer as an IT professional.

  • Dinesh

    I have learnt a lot during my training and i am pretty
    sure that it will help me in my career.

  • Shanmugam

    It is an amazing journey to learn, The training was
    awesome and its easy to learn

  • Inthuja

    The masters are very supportive and always motivate me to
    improve my communication skills. Thanks to Jalamma.

  • Jevina

    My language learning skill develops
    through Jalamma online education within few days.

  • Saranya Srikanthan

    I feel free to learn English in a simple way.
    Thanks for guiding me.

  • Vinoth

    Really I cant imagine that I am studying online,
    the sessions are better than classroom.

  • Duwaraga

    I learn computer education in a playful practical
    way of explanation by masters.

  • Kobika

    Good place to learn and get the indepth knowledge of
    MS Office course

About Jalamma Education

Jalamma Education Centre is a premier IT Education Institute with 14 Years of Experience in providing customized and individual training for candidates in computer software technologies

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