power point 2010

MS Powerpoint-ன் மூலம் ஒரு பல்லூடக நிகழ்த்துகையை எவ்வாறு உருவாக்குவது என்பதை விளக்குகிறோம்.

History of PowerPoint
Why you learn PowerPoint 2010?
Checklist for Installation

Exploring the Ribbon
Customizing Quick Access Toolbar
Backstage View or File Menu
Creating a New Presentation
Saving and Opening Presentation
Closing and Deleting Presentation
Viewing Presentation in different Layouts

Type and Edit your Text
Formatting Text
Cut, Copy and Paste Texts
Create BulletLists
Adding Text Box
Align the Text

Check your Spelling
Find and Replace Text
Synonyms and Thesaurus
Applying WordArt Text
Creating Hyperlink Texts
Explaining Outline Text

What are Slides?
Adding and Deleting Slides
Copying and Pasting Slides
Applying and Customizing Themes
Applying Background Styles
Formatting Background Styles
Save your Own Theme

What are Layouts?
Changing the Layout of a Slide
Change the Size of Slides
Change Slide Orientation
Basics of Slide Master
Create a Custom Slide Layout
Set Header, Footer, Date & Slide Numbers

Inserting Picture & Graphic
Refine your Image
Format your Picture
Make a Screenshot in PowerPoint
Draw and Format Shapes
Create & Edit a SmartArt Graphic
Learn to Format the Charts
Arranging Elements
How to Make simple Photo Album?

Create a Table
Adding Text in a Table
Adding Rows and Columns
Merging and Splitting Cells
How to Format a Table?

Insert a Video file
Set your Video Playback options
Insert a Audio file
Set your Audio Playback options

Introduction to Transition
Applying Transition to a Slide
Customizing Transition Effects
Applying Animation Effects
Advanced Animation Options
How to Control the Animation?

Ruler, Gridlines and Guides
Equations and Symbols
Set an Action
Compare and Merge Presentation
Adding Speaker Notes

Setting Up a Slide Show
Creating & Playing Custom Slide Show
Running a Slide Show
Recording Narration
Rehearse a Slide Show
Using Monitor Group
Preview & Print Slides

Working with Comments
Creating Audience Handouts
Saving a Presentation as Slide Show
Send Presentation Using E-mail
Save Presentation to SharePoint
Broadcasting a Presentation
Publish Slides as Graphics
Convert Presentation to PDF Document
Create a Video of Your Presentation
Packaging a Presentation on CD

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