C Programming

C மொழியின் தொடரியல்களை எளிதாக கற்க வழிவகை செய்கிறோம்.

History of C
What is C?
Why we learn C?
Course Objective

Step by Step Installation Process
Hello World Program

The Programming Languages
Compiler and Interpreter
The Structure of C Programs
Understanding Header Files
The main Function
Our first C Program

Size and Signed Qualifiers
Operator Precedence
Format Strings and Escape Sequences

Standard I/O Functions
Character I/O Functions
String I/O Functions

IF Statements
Nested IF Statements
The switch case and go to Statements
The for Loop
The while Loop
The do...while Loop
Working with break and continue Keywords

Understanding Arrays
Un-sized Array Initializations
Reading Array Elements
Characters in Arrays

Understanding and Comparing Strings
Copying and Finding Length of a String
String Reverse and Concatenation
String Conversion and Searching a String

Using return Keyword
Function with Return Type and without Arguments
Function without Return Type and with Arguments
Function with Return Type and Arguments
Arrays in Functions
Command Line Arguments

Understanding Storage Class
External Variables
The static and register variables

What is Pointer?
Pointer Conversions
Arrays in Pointers
Function Pointers
Call by Value and Call by Reference
Dynamic Memory Allocation
The calloc function

Macro Expansion
File Inclusion
Conditional Compilation

Understanding Structures
Nested Structures
Arrays in Structures
Functions in Structures
Pointers in Structures
Understanding Unions

Understanding Files
File Operations
Writing and Reading Characters
Writing and Reading Strings
Structures in Files
Using fscanf and fprintf functions
Understanding fseek and ftell Functions
Copying Files
Renaming and Removing Files

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