நடைமுறையில் புத்தகம் என்ற அச்சு வெளிப்பாட்டிற்குத் தேவையான அனைத்து செயல்களையும் எளிதாகவும், விரைவாகவும், துல்லியமாகவும் கற்க உதவுகிறோம் .

Introduction to InDesign CS3 & New Features
Interface Ride
New, Open & Close
Save As, Save a Copy & Revert
Templates and Books

Selection Tool
Direct Selection Tool & Position tool
Pen Tool & Its Types
Type Tool & Type on a Path Tool
Pencil Tool, Smooth Tool & Eraser Tool
Line Tool
Frame Tools
Shape Tools
Button Tool
Scissors Tool
Free Transform Tool & Rotate Tool
Scale Tool & Shear Tool
Hand Tool and Zoom Tool
Fill and Stroke Icons
Formatting Buttons & Apply Buttons
Screen Mode

Master Pages
Converting Document Page to Master Page & Apply Master pages
Page Navigation & Spread Navigation
Rulers & Ruler Guides
Grids & Guides
Hide & Lock Rulers, Grids & Guides
Layout Adjustment
New & Delete Notes
Remove Note

Selecting & Locking Objects
Arranging & Grouping Objects
Converting Shapes
Corner Options
Cut & Copy
Paste, Paste in Place & Paste Into
Duplicate & Set and Repeat

Font & Size
Create Outlines
Threaded Text
Hide Thread & Story
Find Placeholder Text
Change Case
Display Performance
Insert Tables
Insert, Delete & Select
Merge & Unmerge Cell, Split Cells

Color Mode
Fill & Tint Color
Stroke Panel
Gradient Tool
Swatches Panel
Transparency Panel
Color Picker
Eyedropper Tool

Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus
Preference 1
Preference 2
Preference 3
Preference 4

Pages Numbering
Numbering & Selection to Master Page
Margin & Column Guides
Creating Character Style & Paragraph Style
OverRide Master Pages & Loading Master Pages

Aligning Objects
Text Wrap in Objects and Images
Anchor Objects
Object Style Panel
Colorizing an Image & Clipping Path

Edit with Story Editor
Find Font
Convert to Text and Convert to Tables
Table Options
Cell Options
Convert Rows

Basic Character Style
Advance Character Style
Paragraph Style (Basic)
Drop Caps
Bullets and Numbering


Drop Shadow
Object Layer Options
Quick Apply
Glyphs & Special Character
Keep Options

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