C#.Net programming

.Net பயிற்சியின் மூலம் ஓரு மென்பொருளை எவ்வாறு கட்டமைப்பது என்பவனவற்றை விளக்க காத்திருக்கிறோம்.

What is C#?
Why we learn C#.NET?
What is new in Visual C# 3.0?

What is .NET Framework?
Various Components of .NET Framework
What are “CTS” and “CLS”?
What are “CLR”, “JIT Compiler” and “GC”?

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Exploring Visual Studio.NET 2008
Working with “Solution Explorer”
Working with “Toolbox” and “Properties Window”
My First C# Program
Creating Simple application in VS .NET 2008

What is “Variable”?
Datatype-Value Type
Reference Type
Boxing and Unboxing
Standard Output and Input Statements

Arithmetic Operator
Relational Operator
Logical Operator
Assignment Operator
Increment/Decrement Operator
Conditional Operator

Working with simple “if” Statement
Working with “if-else” Statement
Working with “Nested-if”
Working with “switch” Statement
Working with “while” Loop
Working with “do-while” Loop
Working with “for” and “foreach” Loop
“Jump” Statement

Introduction to Array
Creating Two-Dimensional Array
Using “ArrayList” Class
What is Jagged Array?
Working with “System.String” Class
Working with “System.StringBuilder” Class

What is Class ?
C# Class Access Modifiers
What is “Object”?
What is “Constructor”?
What is “Destructor”?

Introduction to Inheritance
Role of Access Modifiers in Inheritance
Working with multilevel Inheritance
Method Overriding
Abstract Class
Using Sealed Class

Introduction to Interface
How to extend an Interface?
How to implement Multiple Interfaces

Introduction to Polymorphism
Method Overloading
Operator Overloading
What is Properties?

Introduction to “Delegates”
How to declare a “Delegate”?
How to declare methods in “Delegate”?
How to instantiate “Delegate”?
Creating and implementing “Delegate”

What are Exceptions?
Throwing an Exception
Catching an Exception
The finally Block
The try-catch-finally Statement

Working with Windows Common Controls
MaskedTextBox and NumericUpDown Controls
Working with “Date TimePicker” Control
Working with ProgressBar Control
Working with ListBox Control
Working with RichTextBox Control
Working with TreeView Control
Working with Containers Control-Part1
Working with Containers Control-Part2
Working with Tab Control
Working with Dialog Controls-Part1
Working with Dialog Controls-Part2

HyperLink & Link Button
Working with “ImageMap” Control
Working with BulletedList Control
Calendar control
Working with FileUpload Control
Working with MultiView and View Controls
Validation Controls-Part1
Validation Controls-Part2

Overview of ADO.NET
How does ADO.NET Works?
Basic Data Providers
ADO.NET Objects
“DataSet” and “SqlDataAdapter” Object

Binding Data to the DataGridView Control
Binding Data to the ListView Control
Binding Data to the GridView Control
Binding Data to the Repeater Control
Simple Windows application with Database Transaction-Part1
Simple Windows application with Database Transaction-Part2
Simple Web application with Database Transaction-Part1
Simple Web application with Database Transaction-Part2

Overview of Stored Procedure
Creating Stored Procedure
Stored Procedure with Parameter
Stored Procedure and .NET
Passing Parameters to the Stored Procedure

Introduction to Language Integrated Query
My First LINQ Program
Language features OF LINQ
Structured values and types
Standard Query Operators
Aggregation Operators
Join Operators
Query syntax

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