C++ Programming

C++ -ன் தொடரியல்களை தெளிவாக விளக்கி அதன் அர்த்தங்களையும் விளக்குகிறோம்

History of C++
What is C++?
Why We Learn C++?

The Programming Languages
Compiler and Interpreter
The Structure of the C++ program
Understanding Header Files
The main function
Our First C++ program

Primitive Types
Identifiers and Keywords
Operator Precedence
Simple Input and Output

IF Statements
The nested if statements
The switch case and go to Statements
The for Loop
The while Loop
The do while Loop
Working with break and continue Statements

Understanding Array
Declaring Arrays
Passing Arrays to Functions

Understanding Pointers
Arrays in Pointers
Pointing Pointers
Call by Value and Call by Reference
Advanced Pointers

The setw and setfill Manipulators
The setprecision and endl Manipulators
Default Arguments and Inline Function
Understanding Default Arguments
Using Inline Function

An overview of OOP
Understanding Class
Working with Objects
Array of Objects

What is Constructor?
Understanding Dynamic Constructors
What is Copy Constructor?
Understanding Destructors

Understanding Members and Methods
Nesting of Member Functions
What is Scope Resolution Operator?
Method Overloading

What are Static Members?
Understanding Static Member Function
Using this pointer
Inheritance and friend keyword
Understanding Inheritance
Working with Single Inheritance
What is Friend Function?
Understanding Friend Class

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